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The Basics

What is Cura-mi?

Cura-mi is the contemporary healthcare and lifestyle supplement company that gets you the vitamins and nutrients, tailored according to your health needs and your schedule, at your doorstep. The product is structured with 30 sachets for the morning dose of everyday for the month. Take the quiz now to know your body needs! Already taking supplements and want to stick with it? Go through our catalogue with the holistic formulations to get more effective results targeted at number of different body areas and functionality.

Why do we need supplements?

1) To bridge the Nutritional gap in our diet
2) Nutrient absorption from food declines with age
3) Overcome Harmful chemicals present in our food and water supply
4) Avoid any health issues and live a healthy life.

Where do you ship?

We ship to nearly every place across India.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship only in India but we hope to open our deliveries internationally soon. Till then, keep yourself updated by following our instagram, facebook and Youtube page.

My Order

Can I add things to my plan that are not recommended to me?

Absolutely. You are the sole in charge of what you want to get. Feel free to browse through our catalogue and add to the cart whatever you like!

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

You can see the expected date of delivery while processing your order.

How can I cancel my order

Unfortunately, we will not be able to cancel the orders once placed. But if you have subscribed with us for more than 1 month, you can always drop us a mail on wecare@curami.in and we will make the necessary modifications in your upcoming orders.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately we don't process the returns but if you have any complaint with our product, drop us a mail on wecare@curami.in and we will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

Our products

Does Cura-mi develop their own products?

Yes! Each of our science backed product is developed by our team after a lot of research work. We want no loose end towards our goal to make sure that you receive the best for your body.

How do I know which supplements are best for me?

You can know more about your body needs by taking the quiz now!

Is it safe to take multiple supplements together?

All our products are formulated according to the Regulatory Dietary Allowances as laid by the ICMR guidelines and so are perfectly safe to be taken with each other. Having said that, everybody is different and they have different reaction to different ingredients. We would definitely recommend consulting your Healthcare Professional about the interactions if you face any problem or if you are taking any medications.

How can I know more about the pills I have received in my pack?

Each order includes a booklet(product information booklet) that identifies each supplement with the images and provides nutritional facts of each supplement. You can also find these details at the bottom of an individual product's page by clicking "View Supplement Facts"!

When should I take my supplements?

You can take your supplements at once, whenever is most convenient for you, althoughwe recommend taking them at the same time every day to develop a consistent routine .

Dietary questions

Are the products Vegetarian?

Yes! All our products are vegetarian

Where can I see if a product contains ingredients I am allergic to?

You can click "View Supplement Label" to see the exact composition of the product.

Everything else

How do I apply promo codes?

When placing orders, you will encounter a block to fill in the promo code right on the checkout page!

Want to collaborate with us?

Awesome! We love making new friends :) Send us a mail at wecare@curami.in and we'll get in touch

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